Integrative Mental Health for You- Are you Having a Spiritual Emergency?

Are You Having a Spiritual Emergency? 








When a person has a vivid experience that is very real but also very unfamiliar—somehow outside what they have previously perceived as possible— it can be disorienting.  Sometimes the disorientation is so intense the person may find it difficult to attend to work, family or even self-care.  Inner belief systems must be re-structured and re-organized.  There may be intense emotions, visions, even unusual physical sensations and auditory perceptions.  Some have experiences that seem to go beyond space and time.  Some have encounters with inspiring beings and/or feel at one with all life. We label this process a psycho-spiritual or transformational crisis, or a spiritual emergency.    The process of adjusting and finding a new orientation to life is profound and can take some time.  Having qualified support is helpful—maybe essential.

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If you are looking for support from a trained facilitator who can assist you in integrating your experiences (and not think you are crazy) you can turn to a “Spiritual Emergence Coach™”.  There is an international directory of these coaches posted on

In addition to being trained and qualified, all of the people listed have had their own intense spiritual awakening processes and can share with you as a “peer.”  They may also offer support groups live or online so you can share with several other peers about your experiences in a safe environment.  Some of the certified coaches are also qualified to do one-on-one counseling.  Fees vary from free to sliding scale.


Personal consultation is also available with Emma Bragdon, the one who teaches the above courses.  Emma wrote the first book about Spiritual Emergency in 1988 and has specialized in supporting those in spiritual emergency since that time.  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in 1988, has written 7 books and co-produced two films, and is currently the Executive Director of “Integrative Mental Health for You,” (IMHU)—an online learning platform.  Info about her consultations is at  Email:  She lives in Vermont but consults internationally by phone and skype.

You can obtain one of Emma’s books for free at

There are also free as well as fee-based courses with experts in the field at IMHU at  Some of these courses are directed specifically to phenomena of spiritual awakening, eg. working with subtle energies.

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