Awake in the Matrix: Surviving Planet Earth Through the Shift in Consciousness

By Starr MacKinnon, Phd.

The process of awakening is challenging and often involves confusion, grief, angst, and despair.  Once you become aware of a new level of consciousness and begin to learn about the reality of the world, it is impossible to go back. Friends and family can be difficult to relate to as they are confronted by new perspectives or new information that challenge their existing belief systems and worldview. As an awakening being it is essential to honor the Truth of who you are despite the chaos and suppression of outdated systems and structures that currently influence the world. Here are eleven things that you can do to support yourself as an Awakening being in the Matrix:

1. Get Plugged Into Your Source

It is critically important that you take time to “plug in” through prayer, meditation, or awareness practices. This allows you to release the confines of the mind and connect with your Higher Self. Meditation and prayer also have extensive scientific support ( for numerous mental and physical health benefits. Prayer and meditation also help to set the vibrational blueprint for what you want to experience moving forward in the construct of time. That takes us to our next point…

2. Take time to actively create your Experience 

As you begin to awaken to the realities of the world and the truth that has been hidden about our true capabilities as human beings, you realize that all the power you ever need is within you. Through the Law of Attraction and Ancient Prayer Practices you get to decide what you draw into your experience and how you enjoy the physical experience of being in a human body. We are creating constantly, even when we are not acknowledging it, so staying aware and being an active participant in what you manifest is crucial for those of us creating a New Paradigm.

3. Connect to the Earth

Mother Earth emanates the most powerful frequency ( we can align with to feel balanced, grounded, and clear about who we are. Grounding or Earthing is a powerful practice with many mental and physical health benefits. While people are unpredictable, the Earth remains a steady source of healing and connection that can drastically help awakening beings stay balanced. Sunshine can also boost your mood and increase energy levels. Get out and put your feet in the grass, dip your toes in the ocean, or take several moments per day to connect with nature and the cycles of the Earth. Crystals, plants, and natural herbs are also powerful healers. To see a fantastic article by the Chopra Center on the healing effects of Earthing click HERE.

4. Smile 

Not only is smiling contagious but it has also been shown to release chemicals in your brain that improve mood, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and even lengthen your life. Research also shows that it does not matter if the smile is fake or authentic. If you don’t feel like smiling, the simple act of holding a pen or pencil between your teeth can create the same effects. Smiling also creates a ripple effect leading to more smiles and other acts of kindness.

5. Breathe

The simple act of breathing can significantly reduce stress, improve your mood, and enhance your body’s ability to adapt to the environment. When we breathe deeply and slowly into the lower abdomen we trigger the parasympathetic nervous system that controls our relaxation, digestion, and sleep response. It is the easiest and most natural way to rebalance our body and soothe the mind. The breath is also a fantastic focal point to draw us into the present moment. Take 5 minutes each day to watch your breath and allow your body to relax.

6. Unplug from the Matrix

It is important for Awakening beings to disconnect from the frequencies of the old programming. It is best to avoid watching television, especially the news, and to pay attention to the way any type of media makes you feel. For example, check in with yourself to notice how you feel after being on Facebook for 30 minutes. See what type of media serves you and what does not. Our medical and educational systems have also been compromised. It is important to follow your inner guidance more than any other source. If you become ill, check in with your body and your emotions about what you might need to heal rather than blindly following your doctor’s advice. Try to be aware of and release old programming that tells you that you don’t know best for you and your body. “Unplugging” allows room for inspiration, intuition, and creative consciousness to flow.

7. Come Together

People are awakening everywhere. I am contacted by people all over the world seeking support for their awakening process. It can be very helpful to bind together in support of each other so we feel slightly less crazy! It can be a very lonely journey for those of us on this path. Having friends can help improve your mood, health, and longevity. Find local hubs in your area where Awakening beings gather such as Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla, California. These types of venues are popping up all over the place and offer a solace for free speech and expression. Lastly and most importantly, the more we can come together as Awakening beings to co-create the world we want to live in the faster it will manifest.

8. Eat High Vibrational Foods & Drink Water

Our diet has a strong influence on our personal resonance or vibration and our ability to connect with higher energies. If we eat heavy, processed, or chemical laden foods we feel sluggish, disconnected, and depressed. Our body completely regenerates itself every seven years and what determines the quality of your cells is largely influenced by what you put in your body. A special type of photography called Kirlian Photography is able to give us a glimpse into the healing powers of food. This type of photography enables us to see the energy fields of plants, fruits, and vegetables among other things. In comparison to other foods, organic uncooked foods emit higher and more balanced forms of energy. To see an image of Kirlian Photography click HERE. Water is also very important being that the body is comprised of 70% water.  We also know that water is a conduit for energy and that most human beings are dehydrated. Dr. Masaru Emotos’ studies on water ( demonstrate that how we talk to ourselves greatly affects our tissues and the world we experience. Blessing water before consumption has also shown drastic health effects. Try setting intentions into you food or blessing your water and drink up!

9. Let Yourself Feel

Many cultures promote “happiness” as normal leaving some people feeling broken or lost. The truth is, being human involves a broad range of emotional experiences, none of which are wrong or unhealthy. Just because you are feeling down does not necessarily mean that you need to fix it right away with distraction or medication. Pretending that the negative emotions don’t exist generally leads to greater distress. The best thing you can do is to honor whatever experience you are having and allow those emotions to be present.  Avoidance of emotion and pain will complicate and lengthen the awakening process. It is important to hold a space for whatever is surfacing because it is arising for your awareness and healing. If you feel overwhelmed doing it alone, please contact one of the practitioners on this website for support. Moving through your own darkness is a crucial part of becoming the Light you came to be in this lifetime. The bottom line is: what we resist persists, and what we allow transmutes and transforms.

10. Spend Less Time Doing and More Time Being

Life is moving very fast for most of us. Taking small moments of time throughout your day to listen to your body and spirit can help you to correct course before a crash. Take time to listen to your body and do what feels right despite the social pressures to do otherwise. If you feel like staying in tonight and going to bed early then do so. If you need a break from kids, reach out for support. If you need time off of work, take it. Life is too short and your body and spirit will begin to break down if you do not take the time to listen. We are a culture of doers, rarely stopping to evaluate the effects of our lifestyle on our mental and physical health. We have an opportunity to model the importance of slowing down for others. When we relax, sit still, and enjoy a moment of nature our body activates the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. This system affects our sleep, digestion, relaxation, and healing response. We rarely allow ourselves to get bored anymore because we are so distracted by our to-do list and technology. It is in moments of stillness that we receive the greatest clarity and connect to our intuition.

11. Emanate Love

Despite the chaos, conflict, division, and angst we see in the world we have a monumental opportunity to turn the tide. Our emanation of love in the face of hatred creates a profound ripple effect. Some would argue that this is why we’re here as awakening beings at this time. Seize the opportunities you have to offer a smile, an act of kindness, forgiveness, or compassion to inspire others to do the same and positively influence the fabric of consciousness. This is why you are here.

In sum, it is no easy task to experience elevated consciousness in a world full of archaic systems and rationale. Following your inner guidance, being authentic, practicing self-care, and surrendering to the unfolding of life can help you navigate your awakening journey with ease.  If you could use additional support or clarity about your awakening process, please reach out to Dr. Starr MacKinnon at or visit for a list of practitioners.

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