Meet the Core Team

Starr MacKinnon, Phd. Starr is a licensed psychologist who has also been there from the start as a Disclosure Support Practitioner. She is a spiritual psychologist with a passion for assisting those who are awakening. She is the Clinical Program Director for Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego. She also started the Ubuntu movement in the US. We are so honored to have her on the team. For more information about Dr. MacKinnon: 

Holly Timberlake, Phd. 
Holly Timberlake,  Phd., DCEP, is a licensed psychologist and a Diplomate in Energy Psychology from Northeast Ohio. She has also been on board and eager to assist from Disclosure Support’s beginnings, and was drawn here by some interesting synchronicities. She is a preeminent holistic alternative psychotherapist, and practices and teaches internationally.  She is on the leading edge of therapists helping clients bridge the gap from deep emotional healing to expanded consciousness.  As a trauma therapist, Holly helps people to recognize the power of taking responsibility for their own healing and to grow into thriving and being truly alive. We are so excited to have her!  For more information about Dr. Timberlake:
Carol McLeod, MA
Carol has been a healer, provider and asset to Disclosure Support from the start.  She knows that non-terrestrials were training her all those years ago, and were helping direct her into the field of Art Therapy for which she holds a Master’s degree (and national board certification) along similar degrees in  Marriage/Family/Child Counseling and School Counseling.  She also has training in hypnotherapy, past-life regression, and years of working with populations having alien contact issues and encounters. With this background and experience, she feels prepared to face whatever happens next and is eager to be of service to those caught up with her in this journey.
Mike Waskosky 
Mike Waskosky is the founder of the New Earth Network and a scholar and speaker on the Law of One (Ra material), who manages one of the largest and most active ET disclosure meetups and CE-5 teams in the USA as well as spirituality & metaphysics communities in Colorado Springs. Mike is a versatile tech consultant/developer by trade offering priority services to key figures in the UFO community. His services are invaluable to our team.  For more info on Mike and his projects:
Vivian M. Davis, MA

Vivian is an intuitive Spiritual Counselor with over 18 years of experience in the professional counseling field with a specialty in alternative, holistic, and transpersonal therapies. Her radical spiritual awakening came about by her own dark night of the soul that brought her to a place of  reconciliation with her Christian faith, radical forgiveness, and passionate pursuit of Service to Others. She then founded Disclosure Support in May of 2017 after working breifly behind the scenes in the UFOLogy field where she recognized the great need for this organization. For more info about Vivian: