Become a Spiritual Emergence Coach 

If you would like to obtain more knowledge about “How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency” go to  This describes a course given online by an expert in the field, Emma Bragdon, PhD.  The course involves 5 online LIVE webinars, Q&A with Emma, online discussion among all participants, and additional videos and articles to deepen perspective.  The course is for people living through an intense episode, aka spiritual crisis, and also family, friends, loved ones, and counselors.  All are welcome!  The course reveals that having an intense reaction to ET contact or disclosure can catalyze a spiritual crisis; also, there are many other events happening today that may also catalyze these crises and they are described, as well.  The course orients participants about the territory and maps out how to move through it as easily as possible.

If you feel called to become a Spiritual Emergence Coach and be listed in the Spiritual Emergence Coach™ Directory to serve others: The first step is to take the online course above and then take a 2-day LIVE Practicum that transmits skills in working with those experiencing phenomena of spiritual awakening.  You can learn more about that training and the places where it is given at