The Practice of the Better

Welcome! In the Great Shifting that our world is going through, we often feel confusion about what is going on. This is true both on personal levels and on the global scene.  In the Awakening Community, we walk in liminal space and see the fight going on as the old paradigms and powers loosen their grip.  We are learning who we are against and much mental and emotional energy is spent on this fight.  Yet, it is also true, it seems, that we often haven’t defined what we are for so clearly.  Sure, we want the Truth and Freedom, but how does this look in a lived way?  Are there people out there who have already started living a 4th density kind of life that could provide for us some light?  The answer is, Yes!

The following are videos about people and groups who are living alternative lifestyles that are in and of themselves the greatest critique to the conventional world, which the service-to-self elite has cleverly  crafted over a long time. We, at Disclosure Support, hold as true that the best critique of the bad is the practice of the better.  This dictum is one of the pillars of just such an alternative community founded by renown spiritual guide, Richard Rohr.  The Center for Action and Contemplation is a wonderful organization that teaches people how to see in a non-dualistic way so that when they engage in the dualistic world, they won’t transmit negative energy but rather transform it.  They are an example of a community that is on cutting edge of the Great Shift, even though they do not yet dialog with the esoteric knowledge that the Awakening Community does.  To see their vision and mission, click here.


Canticle Farm