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Alex Stokes

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki I & II

Coaching, Energetics

Sliding Scale

Christina Hope-Justice

Certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, and aqua fitness instructor with 18 years of experience in the health and wellness field.

Psychic Readings: naturally gifted medium and give readings by connecting with people's spirit guides. Healing: My own guides are 6th density soul family from Sirius B and together we form a healing team, performing energetic/emotional healings either in person or remotely. Empathic Counseling: I have very strong empathic sensitivity--I feel other people's emotions in my physical body, even remotely if I focus my attention on them, and even if I have never met them. I use my empathic abilities for empathic counseling, among other things. Channeling: I am also an open channel and have channeled messages and drawings from a number of beings


I offer services by donation and exchange. Everything is energy and I am willing to consider a variety of ways to exchange for services. Normally my fees are from $25-$75 depending on the services and options. For example, a one-hour psychic reading is about $67 and a one-hour ET healing session is about $87. Please see www.blackswansibyl.com for full information.

Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin

Masters in Metaphysics, PhD (Philosophy with emphasis in Holistic Life Coaching) Clinical Aromatherapy Certified, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and other energy healing modalities

Intuitive Coaching, Training, Author, TV Show Host, many healing modalities, intuitive entrainment.

Raleigh, NC

In person services are $250.00 for 90 minutes or via Skype, phone, distance work @ $200.00 for 60 minutes. Teaching, training and conference key note pricing to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

tatiana@drtatianairvin.com or drtatiana@solutionarytv.com
Skype: tat.the.queen
Jodi Roberts

HeartMath® Certified Coach

Cultural Anthropology degree

Spiritual coaching, shamanic healing, ceremonial alchemy,  sound healing, meditation, HeartMath training, trauma release and minister (non-denominational with a shamanic focus)

Plano, Texas

$110 per session

Skype: jodisacredsound@gmail.com

Facetime: jodisacredsound@gmail.com

Sally Black

Certified mediator for Maui Mediation, practitioner of NVC (Non-violent communication), Certified Master Reiki Practitioner Quantum Touch trained, Certified Meridian Energetics healer, 20 year student in Fourth Way/Ouspensky Gurdjieff work, Certified in basic, domestic and restorative justice mediation

Meditation Training, Non-violent communication, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Intuitive Healing

Maui, HI

$125/hour. Sliding scale as needed, depending on the situation.

Skype: sally.black59
808 283-1806
Scott Baker

Awakened industrial psychologist (BYU 1995 PHD) Living in NZ who wants to support people in this transition time.

Gifted Teacher, Interpersonal Work Guide, Paradigm Shifting Counseling, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Group Intervention

New Zealand

Fees Negotiable



Suzanna Kennedy

MS Performance and Instructional Technology, Creator and Trainer of the Emotional-Mental Detox Certification Course

Ascension Activator and Teacher, Empowerment Leader, Energy Psychology, Energy Healing


I can offer a 25% coupon to those who follow the SBA

Tammy C.

Reiki Level Master, Animal Reiki, Beyond Quantum Healing, Past Life Regression Hypnosis, NLP, Personal Coach, Theta Healing, Meditation, Theta Healing, Breathwork

Energy Healing, Remote Viewing, Quantum Healing

Alpharetta, GA

Reiki: $40.00 for 30 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes
Beyond Quantum Healing: $150 (promotional fee)


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