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Hypnosis/Past Life Regression

Name Credentials / Experience Specialty Location Fees Contact
Arthur Carrier

MD (Retired)

Spiritual Direction, Inner Healing Prayer, Quantum Hypnosis

North Dallas, TX

Donation Based

Skype: acarriertx@gmail.com
Candice Moreau

BA in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation, minor in Psychology, clinical internship working as a Therapist in an acute psychiatric facility, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, Certified in Reiki I and II, Level 2 certification in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Certification in Introspective hypnosis.

Energy healing and healthy lifestyle/spiritual counseling, hypnosis

Wilmington , North Carolina

QHHT sessions are 4-6 hours and a flat rate of $260. Introspective Hypnosis is $200 a session and 2-3 hours and can be done via Skype. Reiki and Energy Healing sessions are $40 for half hour and $75 an hour. Lifestyle/Spiritual Consults which may include meditations and/or energy healings are $80 an hour.

Carol McLeod

Degrees: MS, MFCC, ATR-BC(ret), CHT (Masters in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling, Art Therapy & School Counseling, Certified Hypnotherapist)

Specialty: Art therapy & Light Worker


Donation Based

Christine Hunter-Robertson

Master’s in Counseling with Grief specialty. Certification in rape and sexual abuse counseling (domestic violence included), Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Certification in Past-life regression, Addictions therapy, and Subconscious Intervention.

Hypnotherapy, Akashic soul retrieval, Past life regression, full life between lives (LBL), Reiki, and spiritual counseling, grief counseling


Sliding scale, energy trade exchange (examples- crystals, garden produce, cleaning)
Normal range $150-$450 depending on type and length required.

Evie Kalina

Transpersonal Counseling Adv. Diploma, Transpersonal Art Therapy Adv. Diploma, Life Coach and Soul Regression Training, Mental Health Certification IV, Alcohol & Other Drugs Certification IV.

Transpersonal Counseling, Art & Ajna Light Therapies, Soul Regression

NSW Australia

AUD $65 per session. Price is discounted for mentioning "Disclosure Help"

Skype: Eviekalina
+61 4 00 2323 78

Online Counseling Available (Except for Soul Regression), Facebook Messenger under: Shift In Consciousness,

Jozef Lehotsky

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT), Certified Practitioner of Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego-state Therapy), Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression therapy, Ego-state Therapy


Free Consultation, Donation based

Skype: joky2012
1800 781406

Master of Science in Biochemistry

Hypnosis, past-life regression, Reiki, energetics


No Fee

Richard Lemieux

Naturopath (N.D)

Hypnosis, Reiki, psychotherapy, energetic healing

Québec city area, Québec province, Canada

Free or donation based

Susan Schontag

Author, teacher, Certified Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Certified Remote Depossession Practitioner and Trainer and a Seichim Master/Teacher and Certified Reiki Master.

Past-Life Regression, Spirit Releasement

North Phoenix, AZ

Receptive to all forms of payment.

Tammy C.

Reiki Level Master, Animal Reiki, Beyond Quantum Healing, Past Life Regression Hypnosis, NLP, Personal Coach, Theta Healing, Meditation, Theta Healing, Breathwork

Energy Healing, Remote Viewing, Quantum Healing

Alpharetta, GA

Reiki: $40.00 for 30 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes
Beyond Quantum Healing: $150 (promotional fee)

Vivian Davis

Master's in Human Relations, Certified Yoga therapist, HeartMath Coach, Over 15 years experience in group psychotherapy, trauma counseling, Somatic therapies, and individual transpersonal therapy

Individual Intuitive Counseling, Dream analysis and interpretation, Archetypal Tarot readings, evolutionary astrology

Boulder, CO

All services Donation Based, except QHHT sessions (Please mention this website)


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