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Allison Gee

BA in Theatre from the Masters in Holistic Business Administration from Aphrodite University with 13 years of experience.

Holistic health and wellness and metaphysics.

Seattle, WA

All my services are either freely available online or pay whatever your karma allows.


Anastasiya Akhadova

Certified Sophrologist (Sophrology: a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being. It consists of a series of easy-to-do physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. The exercises are called dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement).

Sophrology, Meditation, Inner Child Healing, release of stress, anxiety, anger, assistance for psychosomatic disorders, emotional and physical well-being counseling.

France, available by Skype

40 Euros for Sophrology Sessions
60 Euros for Inner Child Healing Sessions
Sliding scale in cases of need


Carol McLeod

Degrees: MS, MFCC, ATR-BC(ret), CHT (Masters in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling, Art Therapy & School Counseling, Certified Hypnotherapist)

Specialty: Art therapy & Light Worker


Donation Based

Christina Hope-Justice

Certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, and aqua fitness instructor with 18 years of experience in the health and wellness field.

Psychic Readings: naturally gifted medium and give readings by connecting with people's spirit guides. Healing: My own guides are 6th density soul family from Sirius B and together we form a healing team, performing energetic/emotional healings either in person or remotely. Empathic Counseling: I have very strong empathic sensitivity--I feel other people's emotions in my physical body, even remotely if I focus my attention on them, and even if I have never met them. I use my empathic abilities for empathic counseling, among other things. Channeling: I am also an open channel and have channeled messages and drawings from a number of beings


I offer services by donation and exchange. Everything is energy and I am willing to consider a variety of ways to exchange for services. Normally my fees are from $25-$75 depending on the services and options. For example, a one-hour psychic reading is about $67 and a one-hour ET healing session is about $87. Please see www.blackswansibyl.com for full information.

Christine Hunter-Robertson

Master’s in Counseling with Grief specialty. Certification in rape and sexual abuse counseling (domestic violence included), Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Certification in Past-life regression, Addictions therapy, and Subconscious Intervention.

Hypnotherapy, Akashic soul retrieval, Past life regression, full life between lives (LBL), Reiki, and spiritual counseling, grief counseling


Sliding scale, energy trade exchange (examples- crystals, garden produce, cleaning)
Normal range $150-$450 depending on type and length required.

Helen Gauthier

Advanced Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner, Shamanism Apprentice Program level 1 & 2

Intuitive readings & Reiki

Morrisville, Vermont

Sliding Scale:$60 per hr /Counseling and Reiki $80. per hr. Please note that I do not take any kind of health insurances



Jodi Roberts

HeartMath® Certified Coach

Cultural Anthropology degree

Spiritual coaching, shamanic healing, ceremonial alchemy,  sound healing, meditation, HeartMath training, trauma release and minister (non-denominational with a shamanic focus)

Plano, Texas

$110 per session

Skype: jodisacredsound@gmail.com

Facetime: jodisacredsound@gmail.com

Julien Drouin

MD, Psychiatrist

Matrix Reimprinting, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Marseille, France

50 euros per hour ($59 US), Donation based if the post-disclosure help is needed.

Maria Paz Cuevas

Masters Degree in Social Work at NYU, Masters in Art equivalence from Licenciada en Psicologia of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata,Buenos Aires, trained as a Psychoanalyst in the School of Jacques Lacan (EOL) of Buenos Aires

Spiritually oriented Psychotherapy with Hispanic populations with a focus on trauma and severe mental illness, Evolutionary Astrology as a guidance system and alchemy to transform and transmute lower frequencies into higher vibrations, and energetic work including meditation, color, and sound

Astral chart reading $125, 1 hour Skype session is $80, will work on a sliding scale

Skype: mariapaz.cuevas
Matthew A Mournian

Psychology, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, Certified Hypnotherapist

Intuitive counseling and psychic readings, energy clearing and attachment removal, drug and alcohol counseling

Southern California

Offers Donation based services. Recommended amount is $80 per session, however he will assist regardless of financial situation.


Email or text. available remotely via phone, FaceBook, messenger, Skype, or in person

Paige Bartholomew, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Empath, Sufi Master Healer

Counseling and healing for awakening ones of all levels.  Removing blockages to make room for Love and Clear Sight.  I use a combination of talk therapy, hypnosis, co-created meditation, and psychic imagery to quickly resolve trauma which may be holding you back from full enlightenment.  I use “timeline jumping” and “parallel reality” work to bring you into the life stream you prefer, so that you can live your purpose in the world.  Deeply compassionate, Love-based relationship is the ground for all vulnerable work.

International Phone or Internet sessions

In the comfort of your own home

Fees are $85 for weekly sessions
$120 for bi-weekly sessions
$145 for monthly or “one-time” sessions
Session length is 60+ minutes
International Phone or Internet sessions

Ruth Angela

Author, Energy Healer, College Instructor, Universal Life Minister

Core Individuation Medicine Bag Carrier (YourSacredAnatomy.com), Emotional Freedom Technique (Advanced Cert. 2008.) Kundalini Coach since 1996. Spiritual Wisdom, Energy healing and Ministry

California, World Wide

Energy Healing Sessions with Core Individuation/ Med Bag : $150.00 - USD. Core Individuation session – Intake data, 30 mins. Consult. Session 1.5 hours +. Follow up contact 15 minutes.

B. Kundalini clearing: $108. Kundalini assistance with blocks and flow. Remote session based on symptoms and intake info. Skype or phone. Special ceremony, remote view and then a full written report provided. (2 hours)

C. EFT assistance for pain, phobias etc. $108. Client will need to study the Tapping points for remote sessions. Can be in person/ Skype/ at location or remote. 30 min consult free. (A travel fee may be added.)



Sally Black

Certified mediator for Maui Mediation, practitioner of NVC (Non-violent communication), Certified Master Reiki Practitioner Quantum Touch trained, Certified Meridian Energetics healer, 20 year student in Fourth Way/Ouspensky Gurdjieff work, Certified in basic, domestic and restorative justice mediation

Meditation Training, Non-violent communication, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Intuitive Healing

Maui, HI

$125/hour. Sliding scale as needed, depending on the situation.

Skype: sally.black59
808 283-1806
Sayenn K. Lae

Certified by Breathwork schools of Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr and also of R. Tetteroo, 16 years experience training breath-work guides.

Breathwork guide, counseling with effective self-help that can include past lives, birth-trauma release, helping release karmic themes & belief systems, entity removal etc.


Half an hour (Skype) private counsel + entity removal & energy testing through Radiesthesie : 30 min : $54

1 hour (Skype ) $108 - breathwork session

private - 277$ (around 3 hours or more)   - unique alchemic high frequency tools of 50.000 hz available to raise the frequency and keep it high.

Skype: Heart Tribe Shanti
Tara Beck

B.S. Psychology, Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki level 2 certified, Holographic Sound therapy certified, Biofield (tuning forks) level 2 certified, Weston A. Price member, & has studied traditional diets for 17 years.

Energy Healing using kinesiology to test & correct imbalances in the body, (organs, blood, lymph, meridians) the emotions, the energy fields (aura) and centers (chakras).

Near Austin, TX

$100/hour. Sliding scale and donation services available in cases of need.

Viviane Chauvet

I am a certified Tuning Fork® Therapy Practitioner, 4th Degree USUI Reiki Master, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, and HeartMath® Coach.

My specialty is Arcturian Holographic Healing Technique as taught by the 7th Dimension Arcturian Collective. This is part of my training as a hybrid and blended channel. Any documentation or "diploma" is earth-based related. We are Masters at Healing the Emotional Body in relation to all the other aspects of the physical and light bodies. We work through the timelines to identify sources and causes of any issues or recurring loops. I also channel other Ancient Collective of Enlightened Beings. In addition, I also am certified in Biological Decoding.

My normal fees are $80 for a session, and $65 for an Intuitive readings (including French and Celtic Tarot). I am always happy to work with people to their level of comfort. Through the Disclosure Help Team, I have the feeling that there will be charity events and other types of social events put together to assist people (and animals) in needs, for which I am happy to contribute.

Skype: GalacticFaeryV

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