Become a DS Practitioner

Welcome! We are so happy you are interested in becoming a Disclosure Support practitioner. Disclosure Support is a group of service-oriented practitioners, clinicians, and healers united to assist the awakening collective through bridging the gap between yesterday and a new cosmic tomorrow. We recognize that the awakening process is always a mixture of ecstasy and anxiety and we support people as they open these next exciting chapters in their lives. We call ourselves “Bridgers” because we hold space for those transitioning from old paradigms to new forms of consciousness.
Disclosure Support welcomes those who offer the following types of services:

Meditative Instruction – Yoga, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Mindfulness
Energy Work – Reiki, Energetic Healing, Healing Touch, HeartMath, Medical Intuitive
Neuro/Bio-Feedback Modalities – EMDR, Neuro-Linguistic Therapy
Spiritual Direction
Life Coaching
Art Therapy
Astrological Interpretations
Trauma Release
Holistic and Integrative Medical Professionals
Hypnotherapy – QHHT, Past Life Regression
To become a Disclosure Support practitioner, complete and submit the Practitioner Agreement. By joining the DS team, you and the professional services you offer will be introduced to the Disclosure Support Community through our social media platforms and website. You are invited to submit blogs, publications, and projects to Disclosure Support. Selected submissions will be featured on our website and social media platforms, and possibly shared with larger community through affiliated sites. To learn more about our submission process: click here.